I have always been a writer as well as an artist and often combine words into my paintings and drawings. This page is dedicated to books I have created myself or in collaboration with others.


This was a limited edition book project done in collaboration with Bay Area bookmaker/printmaker Anja Borgstrom, 1996. Words and imagery by me, book design and construction by Anja. Individual prints were made available through an art fair at Piedmont Yoga Studio. Here are just a few of the pages, some images include the accompanying text from the book:

Calm Boundless Pulse

a vast ocean of query and thought ripples and tides I sought high and low and neap to reap in pages full for the meaning of Light of Calm Boundless Pulse a Clear Heart

HEART: 1) the hollow muscular organ 2) bosom 3) near the center 4) a suit of playing cards

Yes near the center One love Deal me the ace of hearts Face up Let in the light Serve me fruit in an open bowl So very sweet We must eat our brilliant and brief interlude

In the Pink

Was I dreaming of a place so far away With hidden treasures and streets paved in gold And liquid sky over rolling hills that held secrets of charms from the distant gazer in my mind’s eyes I am there Serenely green So copacetic in turquoise In The Pink

I skip along a winding path serenaded by trickling streams of melon waters Which await my cupped hands for drink A land of wonder just under my eyelids Abundant Love Sweet Melody Enchanting Dancers Green Green Ever Green Pink Always In The Pink


I pledge allegiance to the tree and the united roots of the redwood And to the ecology for which it stands One nature under the sky Interconnected With Life Liberty Joy and Justice for all

(Print made special for Julia Butterfly Hill)

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